The 50 Best Pizzas In The World

While there are many things around the world that we could spend hours arguing about, there is one thing that the vast majority of the world agree on: that without a doubt, pizza is one of the world’s tastiest dishes.

But where exactly will you find the world’s best pizza? After rating pies in Australia, Europe, America, Canada and dozens of other countries and cities around the globe, we’ve compiled the official list of the world’s best pizza for 2019.

All you need to do now is grab a mate and start working your way through the list, one delicious mouth watering pizza at a time… What better excuse than that to visit somewhere new?

World’s Best Pizza 2019:

50th. Lilla Napoli – Falkenberg, Sweden

This small, quirky restaurant with a a cute terrace is a surprising yet wonderful place to eat pizza and have a glass of red wine. The key here is that the standard never dips; every single pizza is as wonderfully glorious as the last.

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49th. Figidini – Rhode Island, USA

Figidini offers authentic Neapolitian pizza. The stylish restaurant is owned by chef Frankie Cecchinelli, who grew up making Italian pizzas in his family restaurants, and his wife Kara. The wood fired oven and wood fire grill are in pride of place in the open kitchen, so you can watch all the action.

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48th. Mother – Copenhagen, Denmark

Their pizza is “a thin base with a puffed-up pillowy edge, blistered from the intense heat of the wood-fired oven. The centre remains a little soft. The Neapolitan way of eating a slice into fold or roll it”. For an added bonus try their vegetable antipasti to start, you won’t regret it.

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47th. Motorino – Hong Kong

This stylish pizzeria with two HK locations does perfectly thin and crispy pizzas, with a range of gourmet toppings. Controversial, but the Brussel Sprout pizza is a must-try: Fior Di Latte, Brussels Sprouts, Pancetta, Garlic and Pecorino.

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World's Best Pizza

46th. Paesano Pizza – Glasgow, Scotland

Cooked in artisan built wood fired ovens brought over from Naples, their Pizzaiolos take pride in making all pies to pizza Napoletana standard. Their pizza dough is a hybrid yeast and sourdough, proofed for over 48 hours which tastes absolutely fantastic.

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The World's Best Pizza

45th. Burrata Restaurant – Cape Town, South Africa

Burrata’s attention to detail is also the focal point of the restaurant. The pizza oven was hand built by a third-generation family-owned business in Naples. This oven is able to reach higher temperatures than the average pizza oven, which means every pizza turned out by Burrata unbelievably tasty. Probably the most authentic Italian style pizza in the country.

44th. Proof Pizza + Wine – Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia

Proper wood fired pizza with the oven bringing vibrancy and a wonderful smell to the whole room as soon as you walk in the door. Take into account their a great wine list and this is the sort of place that you’ll never want to leave.

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43rd. Pizzium Via Procaccini – Milan, Italy

A multi-award winning spot that’s always in the news as being one of the very best pizza spots, not just in Milan but in the entire country. It’s always busy so get in early to secure a table.

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42nd. Pizzeria Montana – Frankfurt, Germany

A modern room based on pop art, with one of the best ovens you’ll ever see (it looks like a giant emoji). Despite all the jazzy design touches rest assured that the pizza is right up there with the very best in Europe.

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World's Best Pizza

41st. Echo’s Pizza – Louisiana, USA

This ingredient-driven craft pizzeria in NoLa fires out beautifully blackened thin crust pies in a very pretty setting.

One particular stand out pizza on the menu is their Lamb Sausage with Kefir Feta, Roasted Onions and Oregano. Think traditional Italian style with a modern American twist. One of the world’s best pizza restaurants.

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40th. Gazzo – Berlin, Germany

Gazzo is a sourdough craft-pizza restaurant in Neukölln who believe in sourcing artisanal produce – local when available, but always delicious, sustainable and natural. The end result is a unique blend of German precision with Italian flair. An absolute joy of a restaurant.

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39th. Basilicó – Bratislava, Slovakia

A home of great Italian food including pastas and a wonderful steak but it is the pizza that is the star of the show. Their big fluffy crusts are full of air and wonderfully crunchy and chewy at the same time.

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38th. Emma – Rome, Italy

This upscale Roman restaurant serves delicious thin crust pizzas that outshine others in the city thanks to the attention to high quality toppings sourced from local delis, extra virgin olive oil and premium flour. The result? A simply stunning pizza.

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37th. Diavola – Indiana, USA

Devil by name, but absolute heaven by flavour. Diavola will transport you to the sun drenched squares of Italy, where pizza has charcoal crusts and bursts with flavour. One of the world’s best pizza spots.

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36th. Pizza Studio Tamaki – Tokyo, Japan

A special sort of ‘Tokyo Neapolitan’ style pizza, the dough here is extra fine and pizzas fired up in a Japanese cedar wood oven. If you’re lucky enough to grab one of the few seats at Pizza Studio Tamaki, be sure to order the simple Marinara. Perfection.

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35th. nNea Pizza – Amsterdam, Netherlands

They make their own dough to be incredibly light and airy, so much so that it could lift up and float away from the table at any moment. Their toppings are original, unique and exciting and terrific service and gorgeous room are just the cherry on top.

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World's Best Pizza

34th. El Güerrin – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Even though the country has large Italian influences, most of the pizza you’ll find here have a unique Argentinian twist – the best of which you’ll find at this classic, no-frills pizza joint. They specialise in pizza de molde, the most characteristic Argentine style, cooked in the pan with lots of bubbling cheese.

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33rd. Made of Dough – London, England

They have four small locations around the capital and have been voted the best pizza in London not once, but twice . Their happy returning customers tell you all you need to know.

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32nd. Putte’s Bar and Pizza – Helsinki, Finland

Not only do they cook one of the best pizzas in Europe but they are also vegan friendly, as well as getting extra bonus points for allowing you to bring your dog along. When thinking about the world’s best pizza this is right up there.

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31st. Pepe in Grani – Caiazzo, Italy

Famed pizzaiolo Franco Pepe’s place is always busy and never lets you down – considered by many to be one of the best pizzerias in the country. Toppings are locally sourced and often creative, with chickpeas, endive, figs and lardo all regular options.

World's Best Pizza

30th. Eataly – Moscow, Russia

Beautiful rich Italian food including pastas, risottos and other classics all perfectly cooked. The pizzas are absolutely divine with the freshest ingredients and fluffy crusts. 
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29th. Pizzeria Via Mercanti – Toronto, Canada

Pizzeria Via Mercanti brings traditional wood-fired Neapolitan pizza with chewy crusts, rich tomato sauce and perfectly placed chunks of mozzarella that melts in your mouth. Be sure to try their Ciambella Ripena; a pizza margherita with stuffed crust of ricotta, hot soppressata and black pepper.

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World's Best Pizza

28th. Rossovivo – Dubai, UAE

Rossovivo are dedicated to making only the best and most authentic Neapolitan pizza possible, so you’ll find an award winning pizza chef from Naples and a traditional woodfired oven.  The dough is leavened for 12-24 hours making it light, fluffy, and crispy . One of the world’s best pizza restaurants.

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World's Best Pizza

27th. Gustapizza – Florence, Italy

With so many great pizzas to choose from in Italy, it can be hard to know where to start. Our suggestion is to start right here in Florence. Take the pizza to go in a box and sit along the river people watching and admiring this wonderful city while eating one of the best pizzas in Europe.

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World's Best Pizza

26th. Pizza Nuova –  Prague, Czech Republic

They stick to the very best by creating a Neapolitan pizza of pure, natural taste with Italian San Marzano tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella and extra virgin olive oil. Why complicate things when a dish is this perfect? A textbook perfect pizza. When it comes to the world’s best pizza restaurants this is right up there.

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25th. Pizza Pilgrims – London, England

They serve slow-proved Neapolitan pizza in both of their London pizzerias, plus if you are really lucky you’ll catch them out and about at events serving piping hot pies to happy punters.

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24th. Pizza e Mozzarella Bar – Adelaide, Australia

They serve the rustic Southern Italian fare here, with the best seasonal ingredients; the cheese literally melts in your mouth. The pizzas are light and airy and don’t leave you bloated. The dream.

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23rd. PI – Dublin, Ireland

They call themselves “wood fired pizza fundamentalists” and judging by how wildly popular this restaurant has been since opening you can see people voting with their feet. A buzzy room, some great craft beer and a pizza that tastes as if it landed from another planet in terms of flavour.

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22nd. Roberta’s – New York, USA

Probably one of the most famous pizza restaurants in the world, it’s not outrageous to say this is one of the places that has defined the entire Brooklyn revolution. A great place to come for drinks and some food before bar hopping around the area. The pizzas are classical Italian in style and unapologetically brilliant.

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21st. Il Pizzaiolo del Presidente – Naples, Italy

In a city that has set the standards across the world for so long, it can be hard to choose local winners. The fact that they have been in business for over half a century and that their customers are still as passionate and plentiful as ever tells you everything you need to know. Simply world class.

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20th. Razza – New Jersey, USA

Razza is SO goddamn good that even loyal pizza fans from New York city will pop over on the Path train just to get one of these pies. When it comes to the world’s best pizza this is right up there.

They use only local ingredients, including housemade cheeses and specially-bred hazelnuts. Crusts are old-school Italian, AKA perfectly charred, chewy and made with passion.

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Best pizza

19th. Louie Louie – Paris, France

The French are among the best chefs in the world and although they can’t claim to have invented the pizza, they do add some amazing touches to the traditional dish. Nowhere more so than in Louie Louie with their imaginative and fresh toppings, with amazing ingredients at the core of what they do.

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Great global pizza

18th. Animaletto Pizza Bar – Bucharest, Romania

A stripped back room that is always absolutely buzzing at both lunch time and in the evenings. They have single-handedly been responsible for setting a whole new standard for pizza in Romania. One of the world’s best pizza joints.

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17th. Via Napoli – Sydney, Australia 

Owner Luigi brought his traditional pizza making experience from Naples all the way to sunny Sydney, and oh-boy are we glad he made the move. Pizzas at Via Napoli are baked in a wood-fired, domed oven at 485°C for no more than 60 to 90 seconds. Perfection.

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World's Best Pizza

16th. Bráz Pizzaria – São Paulo, Brazil

With 20 years of history and five locations in São Paulo, this reliable pizzeria uses only the best ingredients from Italy. The crusts are crispy and the base the perfect thickness, while toppings range from classic Italian to Brazilian-inspired.

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15th. Farina – Auckland, New Zealand

The place was designed and created for Sergio Maglione – of Toto Restaurant and Toto Pizza by the metre fame – to show off his genuine Italian street food, homemade pasta and Napolitano wood fired pizza in funky modern surroundings. Many say this is the best New Zealand pizza and it would be hard to argue with them.

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14th. Pizza Fabbrica – Singapore

Fabbrica takes authentic Italian cuisine to a whole new level. They cook with a great respect for tradition, and use only the freshest produce which is the key to their success. The star is the copper wood-fired oven, which turns out the tastiest pizzas you can ever imagine.

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World's Best Pizza

13th. The Good Son – Toronto, Canada

This cosy neighbourhood restaurant does a lot of things very, very well, but it’s the pizza that stands out for us. Go for indulgent toppings of Smoked Pork Cheek, Roasted Pineapple and Scotch Bonnet for a real flavour boost.

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World's Best Pizza


12th. Di Fara Pizza – New York, USA

Domenico De Marco, or “Dom”, opened Di Fara Pizza in 1965 after emigrating to Brooklyn from the Province of Caserta in Italy. Many of the ingredients come straight from Italy and the master himself can still be seen cooking pizzas at 83 years of age. This is what truly great food heritage is all about.

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11th. Gino Sorbillo – Naples, Italy

The great Gino Sorbillo has locations in Naples, Milan and New York, so you’re never too far away from one of these simply perfect charred Neapolitan pizzas. Pizza toppings are designed around 10 Italian regions, so you can taste the speciality ingredients from across the country.

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10th. Rudy’s Pizza – Manchester, England

Many regard Rudy’s Pizza as the best pizza in England: talk to serious pizza connoisseurs and they’ll tell you it’s as good as anything you’ll ever taste.  They’ve moved onto their second premises in Manchester on Peter Street and also expanded to Liverpool. None of the quality is lost as they grow, which is a real testimony to their excellence.

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9th. La Svolta – Melbourne, Australia

Set up by two best friends from Italy, La Svolta is one of only a handful of pizzerias in Australia that holds an Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (AVPN) Accreditation. This is how pizza should taste.

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World's Best Pizza

8th. Del Popolo – San Francisco, USA

Del Popolo launched as a mobile pizzeria in May of 2012, churning out Neapolitan-inspired pizza, and is now in its permanent home at lower Nob Hill.  Beautiful bubbles of charred spots add extra flavour and the toppings are simply perfect.

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50 best pizzas

7th. 400 Gradi – Essendon, Australia

Owner Johnny was crowned the World Pizza Champion at the 2014 Campionato Mondiale Della Pizza in Italy, the first Australian to have ever won. One bite of their Portofino pizza with San Marzano tomato, fior di latte, cherry tomatoes, marinated garlic, chilli and oregano prawns and you’ll be smitten.

great pizza from world

6th. Bæst – København, Denmark

You know it’s the real deal here because they have their own farm that has a focus on organic meats & high quality produce as well as their own salumeria and micro-dairy – instead of importing mozzarella, they make it themselves with the best raw milk.

This place is taking pizzas to whole new levels.

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Traditional pizza

5th. PIZZANA – Los Angeles, USA

PIZZANA mixes traditional Italian ingredients alongside the freshest Californian produce from local farmers markets. The dough is superb but it is their inventive, fresh and original toppings where this place really shines. A pizza for the new ages. Easily one of the World’s Best Pizza joints.

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World's Best Pizza

4th. Starita – Naples, Italy

With three locations in Italy and one in New York, Starita is a popular pizzeria that constantly wins awards for its incredible pizza. Your first choice should be its Naples location, where the lines are long but the pizzas 100% worth the wait.

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Great world pizza

3rd. Emily – New York, USA 

The couple behind this mega-popular restaurant say their first shared meal was a pizza while sitting in their dorm room. Their love for pizza was born there and after eating plenty of it together, Matt and Emily have gone on to create two of the best pizza restaurants in all of New York. Thin, crispy and bursting full of wonderful flavours.

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2nd. L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele – Naples, Italy

Talk to anybody who has been here or read the reviews and you’ll see plenty of people calling it the best pizza they’ve eaten in their lives. The queues are always long, but the atmosphere among fellow customers waiting is buzzing, because everybody knows this is close to a religious experience. If you thought you were happy waiting you should see how happy you are leaving.

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The best pizzas in the world

1st. Spacca Napoli – Illinois, USA

For over a decade, Spacca Napoli has made pizza faithful to the authentic Neapolitan style. The dough is made fresh every day for the fluffiest, chewiest crusts imaginable, while toppings include premium ingredients which you won’t find much elsewhere in Chicago.

Perfectly formed and perfectly charred, this is a must-have for any pizza lover.

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World's Best Pizza